We are turning 3!

Streetwear enthusiasts are in for a treat on 25th and 26th November, as homegrown label Koterie Store celebrates its third anniversary with a pop-up, the launch of their new varsity-inspired collection, and perks for customers.

The three-day event will showcase what Koterie Store has done best - fostering collaborations with local and international streetwear labels, and building communities of like-minded individuals.

Koterie Store’s third anniversary event also marks international footwear label New Balance’s first official partnership with a Singapore-based company in a decade, and the hosting of a meetup for Singapore-based New Balance collective, the NB+65 community.

Jeremy Tan, founder of Koterie Store, said: “Curating brands for our community in the beginning taught us that good collaborations can influence consumers’ perspectives, leading them to make better choices. We are greatly honored and excited to partner with New Balance to bring that impact and value to our community.”

Curating ‘The Right Clothes For The Right People’ Since 2020

Established in November 2020, Koterie Store is the brainchild of Jeremy and Yong, both veterans in the Singapore fashion scene. With an unyielding focus on genderless casual streetwear, Koterie Store’s collections are highly-curated and each item is personally picked by Jeremy and Yong to cater to the needs and physique of the Asian market.

Jeremy explained: “We believe that everyone has their own distinct style and colour and we wanted to help our community—our coterie—discover the awesome feeling of dressing well every day. So, we started Koterie with the concept of finding the ‘right clothes for the right people’, allowing them to go beyond just simply buying clothes for the sake of it or to chase trends.”

Koterie Store’s commitment to their brand philosophy has also been recognised and rewarded by consumers, with an over 58% repeat customer rate in the last three years.

Koterie Store Launches Varsity-Themed Collection, Brings Back Evergreen 8 Pocket Cargo Shorts

The launch of Koterie Store’s latest varsity-themed collection is the key highlight of the pop-up.

Featuring a 6-piece collection of tees, shirts and shorts, Koterie Store’s new collection is a take of varsity-inspired fashion, using classic silhouettes like baseball shirts, plaid prints, and Anglo-Saxon symbols.

The launch also sees the third revision and annual release of Koterie’s signature offering - their Pocket Cargo Shorts.

Taking into the needs of customers, especially those living in humid countries like Singapore, the team has added a mesh lining to ensure that wearers stay cool and comfortable. Further enhancing the shorts’ functionality, the team has also updated its snap pocket buttons and replaced them with magnetic clasps, and added a half elastic waistband.